Question: Do Loadmasters Travel A Lot?

How much do Loadmasters get paid?

The typical US Air Force Loadmaster salary is $44,422.

Loadmaster salaries at US Air Force can range from $18,304 – $87,998..

What jobs travel the most in the Air Force?

In-Flight Refueling SpecialistU.S. Air Force: Pilot.Today’s Military: Officer Candidate School.Base Ops: Air Force Pilot Training.U.S. Air Force: Aircraft Loadmaster.U.S. Air Force: Airborne Operations Specialist.U.S. Air Force: In-Flight Refueling Specialist.

Do Air Force loadmasters travel a lot?

You will fly every other day, unless there are too many crews in which case you would fly every couple of weeks with lots and lots of downtime. Overall it has it’s ups and downs.

Where do Loadmasters get stationed?

Once an Air Force Aircraft Loadmaster has successfully completed all of their initial training, possible duty stations they may be assigned to include: Charleston AFB, SC – C17. Davis Mothan AFB, AZ – HC130P. Dover AFB, DE – C5.

What is the highest paying Air Force job?

Here are 12 of the highest-paying Air Force jobs for you to consider:Logistics planner. … Health and safety manager. … Paralegal. … Financial management analyst. … Air traffic controller. … Command center operator. … Pilot. National average salary: $115,880 per year. … Physician. National average salary: $158,997 per year.More items…•Mar 11, 2021

How long does it take to become a loadmaster?

about six and a half monthsAfter receiving a high school diploma or a GED and fulfilling initial requirements, training to start work as an aircraft loadmaster will take about six and a half months.

Do Loadmasters travel?

As an Aircraft Loadmaster apprentice, you’ll travel to all areas of the world ensuring that cargo is properly loaded and secured and passengers are comfortable and safe. You’ll even be involved in parachute drops of cargo to specific locations.

Do Loadmasters get deployed?

At the 62nd Airlift Wing, loadmasters are assigned to one of four flying squadrons and constantly operate in overseas contingency operations. … “Those ten days a month don’t include our normal four-month deployment rotation with the other flying squadrons.”

What military branch travels the most?

Within the the Department of the Air Force, the branch that really travels the world is MAC (Military Airlift Command). They fly for all of the other departments of the military, and none of the others have heavy, long range air transport capabilities.

Is being a loadmaster fun?

Training takes about a year before you are flying independently as a loadmaster on board the aircraft. it is usually a fun job. but much like any other, there are times when it is not fun at all. advantages are that you do the job independently while on board the aircraft as part of the crew.

Does the army have Loadmasters?

Education and Training The Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard all use loadmasters. Unlike a civilian loadmaster salary, military loadmasters are paid according to rank, rather than job title. However, both a civilian loadmaster salary and military salary take years of experience into account.

How often do Loadmasters fly?

10 days per month10th Airlift Squadron loadmasters fly an average of 10 days per month. (62nd AW PA) – While frequent missions and a high operations tempo can make life stressful, Tech.

Do Loadmasters carry guns?

They might get jump training, but security is not part of their duties so no weapons UNLESS issued for going into a hot zone. Wiki definition: “The loadmaster performs the calculations and plans cargo and passenger placement to keep the aircraft within permissible center of gravity limits throughout the flight.

What Asvab score do you need to be a loadmaster?

ASVAB Scores and Air Force JobsAFSCAFSC TitleQualification Area Minimum Scores1A1X1Flight engineerG571A2X1Aircraft loadmasterG571A3X1Airborne communication systemsE701A6X1Flight attendantA28143 more rows

How do you become a loadmaster?

Those interested in becoming an aircraft loadmaster must meet certain eligibility criteria. Candidates must be a high school graduate or equivalent, earn a general score of at least 57 on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test and able to lift 70 pounds or more.

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